Outsourced Nutrition Expert

In the food branch today it is not possible to stay away from nutrition, health and wellness conversation and questions. Despite this hiring a full-time nutrition expert is not always possible or not even necessary. In these situations an outsourced nutrition and food expert can be a well functioning solution – nutrition expertise is available when needed.

Here you can find some examples on how  LiForno can help your company.

The outsourced nutrition expert

  • finds solutions to nutrition and health claims or other labelling questions
  • helps to define legally and nutritionally sound communication messages
  • is the nutrition expert and sparring partner for product development, marketing, sales and communication
  • supports the development and implementation of nutrition and health communication plans
  • develops nutrition and health content to different communication channels
  • trains the employees on nutrition and health as well as food legislation
  • brings the wide nutrition and food network to the benefit of the company
  • keeps eyes and ears open in relation to relevant nutrition and legislation events, news and competitor activities

With a continuous outsourcing contract LiForno Nutrition Expert learns the company habits, objectives and needs so that you do not have to start from ”A” in every case.

LiForno has a long and varied experience from working with international brands in combining nutrition and health communcation with business objectives.